Welcome to Clariton Investments.

We invest in Information Technology., Internet Of Things.,Artificial Intelligence., Import Export., Green Energy.

About Us

We provide great services and ideas.

We are a private investment company that invests in a wide variety of sectors. We mainly invest in small to medium size companies.

We analyze the market trends in a local and global context based on the technologies, products and services thus making the decisions based on facts and evidence which we believe leads to growing successful business.

Our team has years of experience, knowledge and huge networks that help us identify the right opportunites thus making Clariton a perfect partner for business executives and entrepreneurs.

Our Services

We invest in a wide variety of services.

Information Technology

Be it software or hardware, Information Technology has provided the world a whole new dimension.

Internet Of Things

From smart home equipments to flying drones, IOT has a wide variety of applications.

Artificial Inteliigence

AI has offered intelligent robots and applications that will revolutionize the way the world will work.

Import Export

With the growing number of passengers opting airline service at a domestic and international scale, Airlines is one of the keen areas of interest for us at Clariton.

Green Energy

Climate change being one of the biggest threat to mankind, green and sustainable energy is the only solution for a better and peaceful tommorow.

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